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Cherishing Cross-Fertilizing Worlds (PEVOC)

  • Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2,9000 Ghent Belgium (map)

From the website:

"In the 16th century, Ghent’s flourishing industrial star fades. Dark times arise and even a district for the poor originates in 1534. An imperial claim for money, from Charles V, who has been born in the city of Ghent, elicits a rebellion. The citizens refuse to pay. Taunted by the stubbornness of the citizens, Charles V enters the city with a vast army on February 14th, 1540. Three days later 25 of the most prominent citizens are detained and sentenced to death. The city court apologizes, but simultaneously insists on preserving the historical privileges. Charles V is not amused and convicts the once glorious and rich city of Ghent to the status of an ordinary provincial town, on April, 29th 1540. The Spanish garrison makes camp in St Bavos abbey. Charles V, at that time living at Het Prinsenhof, confiscates all goods, seizes all treaties and removes the alarm bell Klokke Roeland from the Belfry, meanwhile fining the city a huge amount of money. This ‘Carolingian Concession’ is a punishment for Ghent’s disloyalty, mutiny, and disobedience. In response to this enormous humiliation, the inhabitants move towards Charles V, barefoot and dressed in black. At the tail of the procession, 50 ‘creesers’ appear, dressed in white with a rope around their neck as a symbol for the gallows. Ever since, a Ghent citizen is nicknamed towards that rope: Stroppendrager.

Regarding PEVOC12 the symbolism is clear. The rope not only refers to death on the gallows, but also to cutting off of the voice and deprivation of any means of verbal communication. It strangles the larynx, an organ to cherish above all others!

Furthermore, PEVOC12 wants to cherish Cross-fertilizing worlds. PEVOC12 strives to create a lively discussion forum in which experts of diverse fields share their experience and knowledge. Each daily period is dedicated to a specific topic, so that the conference addresses a large scope of disciplines and offers a broad variety. For this, of course, we also count on your contribution (see abstract, workshop and poster submission).

I would like to welcome you cordially to the 12th PEVOC edition in Ghent, Belgium, a marvelous historical city and also a vivacious contemporary one! The actual Conference (Wednesday, 30th of August through Friday, 1st of September) will be preceded by a preconference training course, organized by the European Academy of Voice.

The academic content of PEVOC12, housed within the cultural  opportunities in the Ghent area (historical buildings, museums, architecture, shopping, events,…) and beyond, guarantees a fruitful and pleasant stay in Belgium!

The PEVOC is an interdisciplinary conference for voice professionals to exchange knowledge about the human voice. PEVOC takes place in different European cities every two years.