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Out of the Voice Box: Kinesiology and Motor Learning in the Voice Studio...Expanded!

  • Ann Arbor, MI United States (map)

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Robert Sussuma MMus., Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Marci Rosenberg, BM, MS, CCC-Speech Pathologist/Voice & Singing Specialist
Catherine Walker, Music Theatre Professor, workshop facilitator

This unique 4-Day workshop delves well beyond traditional vocal pedagogy practices combining numerous exercise physiology, Feldenkrais, and motor learning principles into an experiential format to fully explore and actually experience how to train the voice. Interwoven throughout the workshop of are a series of experiential Feldenkrais-based Awareness Through Movement lessons along with science-based, interactive lectures on vocal wellness and fitness including prevention of vocal fatigue, introduction to motor learning and exercise physiology principles including the biomechanics of vocal production and belting. Additional studio tools will be introduced and explored including variations of semi-occluded vocal tract exercises and hands-on techniques for releasing the tongue and jaw. 

This new, expanded curriculum will include hands-on learning and teaching practice in a group setting allowing participants to explore and try out these concepts in a “teaching” masterclass format. There will be specific emphasis on application of motor learning principals while teaching to promote internalization of new motor patterns for voice. Participants will emerge with a firm understanding of theory and application for the concepts introduced and explored providing them with an accessible “vocal roadmap” to successfully guide both themselves and their voice students with effective teaching to reach their full singing potential regardless of vocal style.

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