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A Note from Jessica:

I'll keep updating this list and would love to hear your suggestions for it, particularly if the resource is CCM-centric, CCM-inclusive, or genre-neutral. There's a form at the bottom for submissions. If a resource is focused on classical voice training, even if it's considered a "classic" in pedagogy circles, you won't find it here. There are plenty of other places where teachers can find resources about classical singing. My goal is to make this a place where teachers can find resources that are specifically for CCM singing, or, at the very least, are inclusive of it in some way.

In the future, I want to have an annotated bibliography with thoughts and reviews from multiple voice teachers, but, to start, I'm just compiling a list of what I've found, even if I haven't read it, yet. You'll see a mixture of peer-reviewed, commercially-published, and self-published resources. I'm hoping you'll help me read, research, compare, and contrast these different resources and share your thoughts about them. I'd love to have some blog entires with reviews from lots of different teachers that could then be compiled into the annotated bibliography over time.

Commercial & Popular Singing Guides for Teachers

Edwards, Matthew. So You Want to Sing Rock 'n' Roll: A Guide for Professionals. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

Harrison, Scott D., and Jessica E. O'Bryan, ed. Teaching Singing in the 21st Century. Springer Publishing, 2014.

  • Chapters about popular and commercial styles include:
    • Bartlett, Irene. "Not Just Style: A Profile of Professional Contemporary Gig Singers," Chapter 22
    • Chandler, Kim. "Teaching Popular Music Styles," Chapter 4
    • Hughes, Diane. "Contemporary Vocal Artistry in Popular Culture Musics: Perceptions, Observations, and Lived Experiences," Chapter 17
    • Robinson, Daniel K. "Voice in Worship: The Contemporary Worship Singer," Chapter 19
    • Robinson-Martin, Trineice. "Take My Hand: Teaching the Gospel Singer in the Applied Voice Studio," Chapter 20

Lebon, Rachel L. The Professional Vocalist: A Handbook for Commercial Singers and Teachers. Scarecrow Press, 1999.

Contemporary Vocal Technique, Vocal Guides, Vocalises, & Vocal Workouts

Allen, Jeffrey. Secrets of Singing: Female (Low & High Voice). Alfred, 1994.

Allen, Jeffrey. Secrets of Singing: Male (Low & High Voice). Alfred, 1994.

Austin, Howard, and Elizabeth Howard. Born to Sing: The Vocal Power Method (The Next Generation). Wise Publications, 2003.

Baxter, Mark. The Rock-N-Roll Singer's Survival Manual. Hal Leonard, 1990.

Baxter, Mark. Sing Like an Idol. 2014.

Baxter, Mark. The Singer's Toolbox. Hal Leonard, 2003.

Chandler, Kim. Funky 'n' Fun Vocal Training Series, 1-4.

Chandler, Kim. Voice Cross Trainer App.

Cross, Melissa. The Zen of Screaming. Alfred Music, 2007.

Cross, Melissa. The Zen of Screaming 2. Alfred Music, 2007.

Deva, Jeannie. Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups.

Deva, Jeannie. Contemporary Vocalist.

Estill, Jo. Compulsory Figures. Estill Voice Training Systems, 1992.

Fisher, Jeremy, and Gillyanne Keyes. This is a Voice: 99 Exercises to Train, Project and Harness the Power of Your Voice. Profile Books Ltd., 2016.

Gagne, Jeannie. Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing. Berklee Press, 2015.

Gagne, Jeannie. Your Singing Voice - Contemporary Techniques Expression and Spirit. Berklee Press, 2012.

Howard, Elisabeth. Sing! Alfred, 2006.

Konowitz, Bert. Vocal Improvisation Method: A complete course of study that develops vocal improvisation skills in both jazz and rock styles. Alfred, 1985.

Lange, Stevie. Vocalize

Lebon, Rachel L. The Versatile Vocalist: Singing Authentically in Contrasting Styles and Idioms. Scarecrow Press, 2006.

Lugo, James. James Lugo's Vocal Insanity. Vendera Publishing, 2012.

Lunte, Robert J. The Four Pillars of Singing. TVS, 2015.

Manning, Brett. Mastering Mix. Singing Success, 2009.

Manning, Brett. Singing Success. Singing Success, 2005.

Martin, Bill. Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing. Music Sales America, 2006.

McElroy, Donna. The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists. Hal Leonard, 2003.

Murray, Dena. Vocal Strength & Power: Boost Your Singing with Proper Technique & Breathing. Hal Leonard, 2009.

Murray, Dena. Vocal Technique: A Guide to Finding Your Real Voice. Musicians Institute Press, 2002.

Murray, Dena, and Tita Hutchison. Advanced Vocal Technique: Middle Voice, Placement & Styles. Hal Leonard, 2008.

Peckham, Anne. The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique. Berklee Press, 2010.

Peckham, Anne. Vocal Technique - Developing Your Voice for Performance. Berklee Press, 2004. 

Peckham, Anne. Singer's Handbook: A Total Vocal Workout in One Hour or Less! Berklee Press, 2004.

Peckham, Anne. Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer. Berklee Press, 2008.

Popeil, Lisa, and Gina Latimerlo. Sing Anything: Mastering Vocal Styles. Latimerlo & Popeil, 2012.

Popeil, Lisa. The Total Singer. Voiceworks, 1996.

Riggs, Seth. Singing for the Stars: A Complete Program for Training Your Voice

Sabine, Elizabeth. Strengthening Your Singing Voice. Vendera Publishing, 2008.

Sadolin, Catherine. Complete Vocal Technique.

Sanders, Sheri. Rock the Audition - How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Rock Musicals. Hal Leonard, 2011.

Sinatra, Frank. Tips on Popular Singing. Embassy Music Corporation, 1941.

Stoloff, Bob. Vocal Improvisation: An Instru-Vocal Approach For Soloists Groups and Choirs. Berklee, 2012.

Stone, Jerald B. You Can Sing! Amsco, 1995.

Sullivan, Jan: The Phenomena of the Belt/Pop Voice: The technique for safely producing the vocal sounds of today. Logos, 1985.

TC-Helicon, Gregory A. Barker, Kathy Alexander, et. al. The Ultimate Guide to Singing: Gigs, Sound, Money, and Health. TC-Helicon, 2014.

Vendera, Jamie. Reclaim Your Voice. Vendera Publishing, 2013.

Vendera, Jamie. Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual. Vendera Publishing, 2013.

Vendera, Jamie. Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice. Vendera Publishing, 2012.

Vendera, Jamie. Vocal RESET (Reclaim Your Voice Book 2). Vendera Publishing, 2010.

Vendera, Jamie. The Ultimate Breathing Workout. Vendera Publishing, 2005.

Wilkins. Carolyn. Tips for Singers: Performing, Auditioning and Rehearsing. Berklee, 2008.

Zangger, Daniel Borch. Ultimate Vocal Voyage. Hal Leonard, 2008.

Performance Coaching

Jackson, Tom. All Roads Lead to the Stage.

Jackson, Tom. Live Music Method

Genre-Neutral Pedagogy & Vocal Function

Benninger, Michael S., Thomas Murry, and Michael M. Johns III. The Performer's Voice. Plural, 2015.

Feindel, Janet Madelle. Thought Propels the Sound. Plural, 2009.

Henderson, L. How to Train Singers. Parker Publishing, 1991.

Hixon, Thomas J. Respiratory Function in Singing: A Primer for Singers and Singing Teachers. Plural, 2006.

LeBorgne, Wendy D., and Marci Rosenberg. The Vocal Athlete. Plural Publishing, 2014.

McCoy, Scott. Your Voice: An Inside View, 2nd ed. Inside View, 2012.

Sataloff, Robert Thayer. Vocal Health and Pedagogy, Volume 1: Science and Assessment. Plural, 2006.

Sataloff, Robert Thayer. Vocal Health and Pedagogy, Volume 2: Advanced Assessment and Treatment. Plural, 2006.

Stemple, Joseph. Vocal Function Exercises. Plural, 2006.

Titze, Ingo, and Katherine Verdolini Abbott. Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation. National Center for Voice and Speech, 2012.

Vocal Health

Cazden, Joanna. Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers. Hal Leonard, 2012.

Gates, Rachael, L. Arick Forrest, and Kerrie Obert. The Owner's Manual to the Voice: A Guide for Singers and Other Professional Voice Users. Oxford, 2013.

Jahn, Anthony F. The Singer's Guide to Complete Health. Oxford, 2013.

Punt, Norman A. The Singer's and Actor's Throat: The vocal mechanism of the professional voice user and its care in health and disease. Heinemann Medical Books, 1979.

Scearce, Leda. Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach to Vocal Health and Wellness. Plural Publishing, 2016.

Weinrich, Barbara D., Renee O. Gottliebson, and Wendy D. LeBorgne. Vocal Hygiene: Maintaining a Sound Voice. Plural, 2016.

Wingate, Judith Maige. Healthy Singing. Plural, 2008.

Bodywork and Body Awareness

Gilman, Maria. Body and Voice: Somatic Re-education. Plural, 2014.

Heirich, Jane Ruby. Voice and the Alexander Technique. Mornum, 2011.

Leigh-Post, Karen. Mind-Body Awareness for Singers: Unleashing Optimal Performance. Plural, 2014.

Malde, Melissa, Kurt-Alexander Zeller, and MaryJean Allen. What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body, 2nd ed. Plural, 2012.

Nelson, Samuel H., and Elizabeth Blades-Zeller. Singing with Your Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice. Scarecrow, 2002.

History & Reference

Coffin, Berton. Historical Vocal Pedagogy Classics. Scarecrow, 2002.

Hoch, Matthew. A Dictionary for the Modern Singer. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

Lomax, Alan. Folk Song Style and Culture. American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1968.

Siegel, Al. How to Become a Professional Pop Singer. New York: The Citadel Press, 1963.

Stark, James. Bel Canto: A History of Vocal Pedagogy. University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Vulliamy, Graham, and Edward Lee. Popular Music: A teachers guide. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982.

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