Commercial Voice Resources exists to empower people who teach and work with singers in popular and commercial styles such as pop, rock, country, R&B, soul, hip hop, indie, and more. Our readers and contributors include voice teachers, vocal coaches, choir directors, church musicians, and theater music directors. You'll find information about topics like contemporary voice pedagogy, song choices, audio tech, music and studio business, gear, and voice science and research.


Resource Database

Books, articles, journals, apps, and more. While there is some crossover with material about musical theatre and jazz since they are cousins, you'll find that we're mostly honing in on research that's specific to popular and commercial music.

Schools & Programs

College degrees that are generally designed to develop the skills needed to be successful as a commercial singing artist. There are currently no standards for these programs, so you will find a wide variety of curriculums among them, but they usually include classes in performance, audio technology, songwriting, music business, publishing, etc. 


Professionals who are passionate about popular and commercial singing share their thoughts and wisdom about a wide array of topics related to it.